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Damon Wall’s “Arping Against the Wind”

It’s been a couple Days since Damon Wall stole our hearts here at the office with the Arping Against the Wind slaps you with “Trance” and a crazy night neighborhood block party. Now, we’ve finally get to listen to a proper  package stretching to the corners of dance music.

Ranging from the fully loaded trap and drum ‘n bass infused After Image and Abstract, to the ambitious creeping of In a Dream, each interpretation crafts the original into something entirely different. There’s sure to be at least one pleaser for every set of ears. Retaliation and Resurgence is a major ear pleasure, and if you lean towards the harder end of the spectrum, pay special attention to the work of Falling Skies and Ghost of Eternity.

Have a listen below, courtesy of Facebook and Soundcloud, and see which of these productions takes the cake as your favorite.

The incendiary tempo of “After Image” and the downtempo garage of “In a Dream ” attest to Damon Wall malleable production tactics. He maximizes the strengths of his instruments without diminishing his own abilities. “Arping Against the Wind” intent is to appeal to a large, eclectic base. However, the sterling,”After Image” is proof that Damon can generate massive hits. Lead single “Arping Against the Wind” commences with minimal tribal atmospherics before contorting into a fierce, progressive banger. Later, “Ghost of Eternity” reflects the naïve innocence of an elementary school playground. Just as the tracks like  “Abstract”, “Resurgence” and “Falling Skies” assisted in pushing Damon Wall into the mainstream, “Arping Against the Wind” singles leave ample room for more that I believe in due time Damon will pick up on. But regardless of due yourself a favor an head over to Damon’ website an grab a copy of this amazing album. It is clear that we will be hearing the name Damon Wall again.

Tracks to listen to. “Ghost of Eternity”, “Abstract”, “In a Dream”, and “Arping Against the Wind” and “Trance”


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